Financial Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence: Buy-side

Buyer Considerations

A company’s financial statements only tell a part of the story that you need to consider when considering an acquisition!

Financial due diligence professionals examine the whole story beyond the numbers to help you gain a better understanding of your target company’s operations and provide further insight into the risks and opportunities behind the business you are considering acquiring.

Our analysis is based on factual, data driven analysis to help you objectively assess an acquisition opportunity.

Financial due diligence focuses on recurring and normalized earnings, working capital requirements and liabilities on and off-balance sheet.

Additionally, our team of specialists can help you think through various purchase agreement considerations and financial metrics that may inadvertently impact your purchase price.

Financial Due Diligence: Sell-side

Seller Considerations

You have built a successful business through hard work and sacrifice and are now ready for the next stage in life. However, making the decision to sell your business is only the first step in the journey. As you’re planning your exit, we help you prepare an objective financial due diligence report in preparation for your go-to-market initiatives. The ability to share one report with multiple prospective buyers ultimately shows your commitment and readiness to sell – which goes a long way!

As part of our approach, we help you with:

Our analysis and report focuses on the quality of earnings (and cash flows), working capital requirements of your business, and liabilities on and off-balance sheet. Ultimately, our approach focuses on helping you condense the sales process and allows you to focus on what matters most: your team and customers.

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